April PAD 30: Imagery


Sometimes poetry
written too gorgeous
and too unwanted,
strung through
an obsession
with words
sounds eloquent,
but something far deeper
leaves poets believing
they deserve torture,
in the same way
attractive people teach
children to be something
called currency, but however
bankrupt your self worth
you better believe
beauty is plenty,
and that’s when its value
starts fading away.

Prompt: Write a fade away poem

Poetic Asides Community


I got yesterday’s Palm Beach Post and used an article in the “Accent” pages to write this poem. I filled in some words so it could make sense, but it mostly comes from here:

I blocked out the words I didn’t want (and some words I wanted!) and then put them together in the poem above. I will be trying more of these “found” poems in the future. It’s kinda fun!

You can do it too! All you need is a newspaper article and a sharpie. Try one today!

Today is the final day of the April Poem-A-Day/National Poetry Writing Month challenge. Although I did not write everyday, especially not on the weekends, I ended up with exactly 30 poems. I hope you enjoyed reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them.

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