November Poem A Day (NovPAD) Chapbook Challenge

Rough Draft: NovPAD Day 17 Sample

Write a poem everyday in November and assemble a chapbook. This creative writing challenge is mere days away, but not too late for anyone to join. The November Poem-a-Day Chapbook Challenge has been my writing tool for the past two years. It has prioritized poetry for a month (the way I would love to esteem it all year) in my busy life, which is just enough time to crank out 30+ drafts for the contest or for later use.
Three things to value with this challenge:

  1. Community – Should you chose to post your drafts as comments on the daily prompts (at Poetic Asides), you will join a supportive and talented group of poets who share their own attempts and offer feedback on others’ poetry. Also, follow the hash tag #novpad to participate in the conversation on Twitter.
  2. Collection-minded – The chapbook goal at the end of the month is an accelerated motivator to writing a collection of poetry. This challenge will teach you as a poet what it means to write (or edit) with a theme in mind.
  3. Contest – You can submit your chapbook to Robert Lee Brewer on January 7, 2013 to be considered as the winner of this challenge. The contest is free. I entered my chapbook last year and was listed among the finalists.

I will be participating this year, but I will not be posting my poems here everyday as I have done in the past. You can expect more posts about poetry writing and the experience, and I will throw in a few samples now and then.

To get the most out of this challenge, here are some tips from NovPAD veterans:

  • “Don’t quit – don’t listen to the inner critic – write something, anything and keep at it.” -Buddah from I Hate Poetry, @ihatepoetry
  • “Keep a notebook and pencil at your side all the time because you’ll find your brain spits out gems without warning. And smile!” -Misky from Alphabet Soup de Jour, @miskmas
  • “Try to get prompt as early as possible in day to think about it all day long. Don’t fall behind.” -Lorenzo from Crowned with Laurels, @TheAmericanPoet
  • “I completely agree with @TheAmericanPoet. Read prompt in morning, write in afternoon. Also [it] helps me to have a theme for the month.” –Beth, @BethCato

Poets, sharpen your pencils! It’s gonna be a poetic November.


3 thoughts on “November Poem A Day (NovPAD) Chapbook Challenge

  1. Hi, again, Maxie. I tried to comment on today's poem on the PAD, but no luck.
    SO beautifully shared. Like you, and Diana Domino, too, I once left – because it was right. I'm thankful for all the years of freedom in between, and the Second Chance that waited, with someone worth it.

    Loving your work this month.

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