November Poem-a-Day Week 2 Update: Poetic Tools

In my non-poetic life, I have been writing the final paper for my Capstone course. Being immersed in academia has helped me to look forward to writing a poem a day. Before October, I’d never say that. School work drained me and had no creative desire, but the difference this time around is that I am more motivated, I have more free time, and I have cooler tools.

Last week, we talked about themes, and today we’re gonna talk tech tools for writing poetry.

Google drive folder for the chapbook challenge

Google Drive
I have been writing most of my poems online using either my laptop, iPhone, or iPad. I’ll start with an idea when I read the prompt in the morning and then pick it up as I am lounging (procrastinating) later in the day. If I started using a local word processor, I would have to email the file to myself. If I wanted to take it in my travel notebook when I head out to do errands, I’d have to copy it down.
Google Drive is a great solution because once it is written there, I can access the poem on all my devices–and on any internet connected device. It also helps to organize the drafts.

Rhyme Dictionaries
I don’t write rhymed poetry often anymore, but it is always fun to toss an internal rhyme into the mix. I used this tool most recently when I was looking for an option to match “resolve” at the end of a stanza. RhymeZone organizes results by syllables or letters. rhymer allows you to categorize your search by type of rhyme. Use at your discretion.

Werdsmith App (for iPhone or iPad)
Ever want to scribble down an idea for a poem subject, story, or scene buy you aren’t near your journal or computer? If you have an iPhone, this is a good way to keep masterpiece-starters all in on place. The coolest thing about this app is its ability to track a word-count goal. I am using the 4K word-mark words as a target for my potential chapbook and it’s helping me to discern how lengthy the poems are, or the upcoming ones should be.

Interested in the November Poem a Day Chapbook Challenge? Click the link for the guidelines.
Here is my Day 8 poem (Write a poem to a dead poet):

What apps or tools do you use that help you write, organize, and prepare your poetry or other writing?


4 thoughts on “November Poem-a-Day Week 2 Update: Poetic Tools

  1. Yay! I can't imagine my life without Google Drive. I also like it because the search function is incredibly responsive. I've misplaced so many poems on my computer or external hdd because I cant remember how I named the file. With Google Drive, that doesn't matter anymore. Thanks for stopping by.

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