Well, Hello There 2013!

Another Tuesday comes and goes, just as another year ends. It is easy to be charmed by the novelty of a turned calendar, but I’ve come to realize the only change that makes a real difference is one’s attitude.

If I resolve to do anything in 2013, it is simply to maintain a positive attitude. As a writer, self-doubt seems to be a job requirement, but in my experience, self-doubt has been a poison–preventing me from taking risks, challenging my self-worth, and adding guilt to the writing experience. The antidote is an invincible positive attitude. I won’t pretend that dark days don’t come after a rejection or scathing review, but to have the will to continue, thinking positively is necessary. I’m taking a healthy dose for 2013.

What’s your writing resolution?


One thought on “Well, Hello There 2013!

  1. I think having a positive attitude is a wonderful resolution. I'm trying it this year too, as well as achieve more things (publishing more stories, writing more).

    Best of luck in 2013!

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