#Blogging to build your #Writers #Platform

Day 5: Blogging

Word Cloud for “Sudden Awareness” and “Voices in My Heart”

Since I already have a blog (it’s what you’re reading!), the task for Day 5 is to strategize and make efforts to improve my blog’s effectiveness. Here are five tips I consider essential to blogging success that I will be using to help Maximum Exposure become a better place for you–the readers:

  1. Figure out blogging goals – When I began this blog, I thought I needed to have one because I claim the titles of “poet” and “writer,” but that is never quite enough. I want to be able to share my writing, things I’ve learned about writing, and other related experiences with people like me. Here are my blogging goals, though they aren’t limited to these three:
    • To share practical tips and insights about the writing life
    • To inspire people to write
    • To create a place of community for literary aficionados.
  2. Post at least once a week – This has been a difficult task for me but here are some tips I’ll use in the future and ways you can use to keep your blog relevant:
    • Create a backlog of posts and schedule them to post automatically on the same day every week
    • Write short posts
    • Set aside an hour or two (and maybe use a timer too) every week as “blogging time” and establish a content creation routine
  3. Comment on other sites – Expand your blogroll and explore what other people in your niche are writing about online. Encourage them and you never know what kinds of relationships may form as a result.
  4. Invite Guest Bloggers – Don’t consider this your official invitation, but I will be starting an experimental series once a month inviting YOU to post on a topic. Guest Bloggers are simply writers who create content for another blog and, through this exchange, they get exposure to different readerships. A more thorough post on guest blogging to come!
  5. Include pictures in each post – With the rise of Pinterest, Google+ and other image based social networks, this avenue opens your blog up to even more esposure. Plus it makes your posts pretty.
What are your thoughts on Blogging? What’s in it for you?


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