How #Comments Build a #Writing #Community

Day 6: Comments

Give a little bit!

The power of online communication comes from the shared conversations we build in this forum. Of course, for those of us with a smaller flock of readers, blogging tends to feel futile unless we have lots of comments or many hits on our pages. Don’t be discouraged! The purpose of commenting is to broaden the conversation, to make what we have shared come alive.

The task for Day 6 is to comment on another post. Oh sure, easy-peasy, but sometimes I don’t know what to say! Here are some tips to keep the conversation going:

  1. Ask Questions – That’s how most conversations start, right? Most of my blog posts end with a question for you. If you don’t have an answer, you could ask me one: “Maxie, do you really care when I leave a comment on your blog page?” Or, “When are we going to see another poem on the blog?” Also, you could address other readers too: “What if most of the comments you receive seem superficial and only for personal gain?” Trust me, people will jump on that.
  2. Share Expereinces – Once I wrote a blog post about rejection, procratination, and motivation. Maybe you’ve had the same experience and you want to share how you got htrough it. We’d all love to hear it, and see if you survived (lol).
  3. Add a link – I talk a lot about liteary challenges (like this one). Maybe you’ve heard of another and would like to share it. Drop it in a comment. 

Let’s create a community where it’s safe to share. You in? 


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