Building Your #Writers #Platform with #Linkedin

Day 8: LinkedIn

I have had a LinkedIn account since I started this blog, however, I have not used it to its fullest potential. I have not even finished writing out my profile. The task for the Day 8 in the Writer’s Platform Challenge was to sign-up with LinkedIn, a social network organized for the professional slant of online networking. This tool helps to build connections that have the potential to enhance your career. For writers, there are more specific tips for using LinkedIn:

  1. Search for people you have connected to in real life.
  2. Participate in groups
  3. Update your pristine with useful content, like your blog posts
  4. Connect your LinkedIn profile to other networks, like Facebook and twitter.

    For me, beyond the blog, Facebook, and Twitter, I’m having trouble splitting my time between these three avenues. I will complete my profile but I am sure that I will not be able to handle efficient use of LinkedIn. This means it will not be getting much attention. I think the point of social networking is to decide which ones you are going to use more efficiently and devote your efforts to those networks and develop them. Maybe later on down the line I will feel more comfortable using LinkedIn, but for now, an update in my head shots would be a good move.

    Have you used LinkedIn? What are your thoughts about the myriad of social networks out there? Are you overwhelmed?


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