Weekend Roundup: #Writer’s #Platform Challenge – Tweeting and Search Engines

Day 9: Respond to Tweets

Great! It is now time to put some of these social networks to work. Day 9’s task is to respond to at least three tweets. I can do this without an assignment! As a reference to my post about comments, this is how you build your online community – by engaging in conversation.

If you are new to Twitter, or want to reengage, try to set a time to do this every day. And keep your minimum of three responses so you don’t feel overwhelmed.

Here are a few of my favorite Twitter people you may want to follow:

I’d like to follow you on Twitter! Add your handle to a comment below.
Day 10: Search Engine Results

If you haven’t done this before, you don’t own a computer. The task for Day 10 was to search your own name in Google, then Bing, then Yahoo. This is what it looked like when I tackled the day’s assignment (click on the pictures to enlarge):

Google Search
Bing Search
Yahoo Search

And now to calculate the damage. There were three things I noticed:
  1. The results all looked (pretty much) the same
  2. My blog was listed first (yay!)
  3. Unrelated results began on page 5

This is not half bad! There will be more about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) later on in the challenge, but for now, I’m content with the search.

How about you? How did you fare with the search engines?


2 thoughts on “Weekend Roundup: #Writer’s #Platform Challenge – Tweeting and Search Engines

  1. I don't Twitter. I don't do Linkedin. I know their merits and their roles in writer platform building. All social networking takes time, effort, attention to detail and more. For now, I'm focused on my blog (Flying Pages) and others' blogs, and Facebook. The larger focus is on my writing.
    As for search engines, my blog comes up on page 2 of Google (started blogging 11/12), but what I take pride in is that when I freelanced nonfiction, my name search turns up internationally. It's a part-to-part experience for us all.

  2. I know what you mean, Donna. No shame in your strategy either. You will be more versed in your area of focus (writing) as a result. Thanks for stopping by and congrats on your results. All your previous work are building blocks for your writing portfolio, kudos!

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