Poem for my Niece

When Does God Love You?

When you were born and all brand new
When there were things you could not yet do
God knew your heart and He loved you when
He wrapped you as a gift in your beautiful skin

When you would cry and knit your brow
When your screams and fits went on for hours
God knew your heart and He loved you when
He filled your lungs with living breath

When you grow tall and your hair grows long
When your feet run miles and your voice sings songs
God will know your heart and He will love you when
You may distrust and not even believe in him

When does God love you Jayla?
Before time began
While the sacrifice was given by the saving lamb
And soon when he comes on glory to this earth once again
He loves you forever, Just as we do,
Our prayer and our hope is that you’ll love him too.



April PAD 11: Seasons


To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:
-King Solomon, Ecclesiastes 3:1

The most difficult lesson to learn
involves the truth of opposites:

knowing that valley living
deposits respect for mountains,

famines alternate with feasts,
luxury depends on destitution,

and institution breeds the free.
Sunshine alludes to the rain

while a caress defines pain,
knowing that trust requires faith

and faith depends on evidence.
The preeminence of truth comes

through the prevalence of lies
and a haughty disguise, in time

will be tempered by the humble.
To spring up, one must fall down.

Slippery snow will line once-hot ground.
The once-lost, in time, will be found.

Prompt: Pick a season and make it the title of your poem

Obviously, I strayed from the prompt a bit and just focused on the concept of seasons. I am experimenting a bit with epithets and this Bible verse has been keeping me going this week. There’s a time to plant, and a time to reap. Let’s consider these poems the seeds and think of April as sowing time. Stick around for the harvest!