NaNoWriMo 2014 Fever

Four days in to National Novel
Writing Month and I still cannot believe I signed up for this. You guys probably don’t remember the last time I posted here (January) and my “excuse” is lack of time.

Really? Yes. Really? Ok, fine! It’s lack of time management. See, I break easily and I cannot be tortured. If I am so in flux and busy and undisciplined with blogging, why would I volunteer for a month long writing challenge?

I’m an insane egotistical, neurotic, sycophant with a competitive streak. Yup. I said it. I’m a writer.

The last time I did NaNo (2010), my life was totally different. I was an online college student with hours of free time at my disposal. Now I work 55 hours a week, run a small business, and it is football season. Signing up was not a calculated move. I keep mulling over reasons why I joined this year but the truth is, it doesn’t matter. I needed to write.

So yes. It’s day four and I’m going to win. If you’re doing NaNo, let’s buddy up (User Name: maxiesteer) online and get this done. I’ve pulled Author Karina Espinosa into the madness, so it’s good to have a few friends along for the ride.

What was your reason for doing NaNoWriMo? Comment below with your motivations!


2012 Literary Challenge Calendar

For 2012, my writing goals are to produce more work, submit pieces, and develop better quality material. A great way to motivate yourself in accomplishing writing goals is to commit to a challenge. Here is a list of literary challenges you may be interested try:

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Take on the challenge!

Monthly Challenges

March NaNoEdMo – National Novel Editing Month “is a free service intended to encourage writers to edit unfinished novels.” Writers commit to spending at least 50 hours of the month solely on editing a project.

AprilNaPoWriMo – “National Poetry Writing Month is an annual project in which participating poets attempt to write a poem a day for the month of April” source. 
The April Poem-A-Day Challenge hosted by Robert Lee Brewer involves the added challenge of submitting 5 poems for placement in the top 50 and announcement oPoetic Asides Poet Laureate for the year.

MayStory A Day May “ is home to an annual Extreme Writing Challenge:

Write a story every day in May.” Hosted by Julie Duffy.

JulyJulNoWriMo – “Your goal, should you choose to accept it, is to write 50,000+ words during the month of July. Do you have the courage and the drive to attempt such a feat?” Hosted by Robert Watson.

NovemberNovember Poem-A-Day Chapbook Challenge – Participants are prompted each day to write a poem. At the end of the month, poets can compile a 10-20 poem chapbook and enter it for an opportunity at publication. Hosted by Robert Lee Brewer.

NaNoWriMo – National Novel Writing Month is a fun, seat-of-your-pants approach to novel writing. Participants begin writing on November 1. The goal is to write a 50,000 word, (approximately 175 page) novel by 11:59:59, November 30.

Seasonal Challenges

Winter – 24-hour Short Story Contest – hosts this contest for $5. There’s space for 500 participants who write stories with good endings. No word count limit stated. The topic is published on January 21st and they host one every quarter.

Summer100 Drabbles of Summer – Write 100 Drabbles (stories with exactly 100 words) between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Hosted by Charloft on LiveJournal.

Year Long Challenges

2012 Fearless Poetry Exploration Challenge – Read and review at least two books of poetry for the year. Hosted by Serena.

Write1Sub1Write and submit a short story or poem every week (or month), starting the first week of January and ending the last week of December.” Hosted by Ray Bradbury.

****I will be adding this information as a standing page on my blog. If you know of any other writing challenges (especially in the months that are not listed here) please leave a comment with as many details as you can share.

****Which creative challenge would you challenge yourself to this year?