Poem for my Niece

When Does God Love You?

When you were born and all brand new
When there were things you could not yet do
God knew your heart and He loved you when
He wrapped you as a gift in your beautiful skin

When you would cry and knit your brow
When your screams and fits went on for hours
God knew your heart and He loved you when
He filled your lungs with living breath

When you grow tall and your hair grows long
When your feet run miles and your voice sings songs
God will know your heart and He will love you when
You may distrust and not even believe in him

When does God love you Jayla?
Before time began
While the sacrifice was given by the saving lamb
And soon when he comes on glory to this earth once again
He loves you forever, Just as we do,
Our prayer and our hope is that you’ll love him too.



April PAD 5: Before My Time


like little jenga bricks,
i stacked the contents
of my life in a vertical
journal of sorrow,
upon diary of hope.

i set my heart to task
and watched while the cursor
blinked, leading my past
into neat lines of prose.

memories slipped
out of order,
rearranging themselves
in a chronology
that only made sense
if i was never alive.

more glorious was my tale
more laudable my achievements
more fiction entered my truth
and remembering
was like sifting sand through
an open palm.

i edited the caricature
and allowed dust to handle
the printed pages,
but when the truth
reassembled itself,
the cure for dishonesty
expired before my time.

Prompt: Write a poem about something before your time
Poetic Asides Community

While preparing for a genre workshop at my writing/critique group, I was inspired by a tangent and wrote this little piece. I am so glad to be going some creative writing for a change. Quality matters to me, but not as much as the fun of creating something new every day. I hadn’t written anything “fun” in months. This challenge is really helping me get my artistry back in gear.

November PAD 21: Consuming

Today’s Prompt: Write a poem entitled “Whenever __________”

Today’s Poem:


…the rum tinged flavor of December’s
sorrel, how it charred my throat
with ginger, and filled my nose with
memories—I think of you,

not because your face gets tangled
in remembrance (I met you after
my last real sip), but because I’d
nearly choke on the dark red drink,

and then hurry to swallow it down
as a cure, scathing me, addicting me,
knowing each time won’t taste anything
like the last.

Today’s Ponderings: This poem needs some work but I have to leave it till later. The challenge really comes in this week with Thanksgiving plans. I will do my best to stay on track.