We Stutter

we stutter at opportunity
we suck, hiss, we kiss our teeth
we are angst burrowed beneath
the we of tomorrow and
the we of the past

we did not last

we bark at the bark
of filmy trees
we heed and grant
access to pregnant

we did not advance

we fear the oak and
the seed that smoked
and bred sprouts
that lived dead,
that died

we did not survive

we grew great
we separate
we permeate
the two lines
of the parallel
equal sign

we did not agree

we accessorize resilient beauty
we terrorize even
our scalps
because perhaps
we dream not to fly
but to be fly

we did not soar

we bore a torch
we ignored the source
we are one force
inert and stable
giants unable
to bend

we pretend

we stutter at opportunity
we blink at unwavering eyes
we look at the sky as
though there is glass
yet we passed