Tentative: April PAD – Day 3


The cauldron that is the midst

of the earth topples its contents,
everything molten makes a run
for the exit,
the tilted axis gets its turn at choosing
an outlet. Today’s mountain,
tomorrow’s mole hill.

Tonight’s volcanoes always begin
as something else,
pride in a pack of peaks,
protrusions against a pristine sky
until the tilt, the spill, the hiss
of ash strikes its featherweight blows
at today’s mountain, tomorrow’s mole hill.

The curtain that is the sunrise
will stain of dirty soot from a hidden place,
though it’s washed in a thousand Tuesdays
what’s beneath finds its way out–
a tentative arrival, attentive destruction
burning through today’s mountain,
tomorrow’s mole hill.

The heat beneath searches for relief
and though it flows like oil over skillet,
a cool breeze ignites its permanence.
Rock covered wasteland that once wore
icecaps in its majesty can find
redemption in dormant restoration:
today’s mountain, tomorrow’s foundation.

I literally got out of bed to complete today’s poem. Had a very busy day so I only checked in just now and was unable to read through many of the poems at Poetic Asides. I miss that part of the PAD Challenge, reading others’ attempts.

Has the past ever come back to haunt you in such a way it changes you in the present?


New Arrival: April PAD – Day 1


The cruel anticipation did nothing
but haul her expectations too far.
The waiting, the vain waiting
was a drive through a roundabout,
never finding the turn. She awaited
the friction of change, the bloated
confidence, the promise of new problems
but when nothing after nothing arrived
(Though she tried), she resigned
to the new arrival of old hope:
the exploration of options.

Here’s my first poem of National Poetry Writing Month (NaPoWriMo) and the April Poem-a-Day challenge. Get on board, writers and poets! For more poetry, click here: http://www.writersdigest.com/whats-new/2013-april-pad-challenge-day-1#comments

Have you ever waited for something that didn’t materialize? Do you relate to the poem in any way?


When your eyes chase your brain waves and you read too fast,
The words “preserve” and “persevere” are a visual mash up–
wanting to be each other by sharing letters,
but when syntax is clueless and there are no ears
to demand a recital, take my word for it:
They’re practically bosom buddies.

Anything that must be preserved
(whether material, esoteric, or otherwise ephmeral),
must have an agent of perseverance
(whether material, intristic, or otherwise engineered).

Don’t worry if your tongue twists and trips, calling one by the other’s name.
They are raft-mates–preserving life, persevereing till death
does its part.

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a poem. What do you think? Do you confuse these words sometimes too?